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Sleepy Village Sleepy Village

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Oh my Goodness

Within 5 seconds I was transported into another universe. The village breathed with midsummer wind and the towns folk bobbed on their way, churning water their heartbeat and a grand windmill their overseer. A young girl with golden blond hair and a brilliant lime bow trailing her weaved through the crowd and out into the nearby woodland. She stopped to examine various critter passerby and skipped jovially along her way with no fret or woe, and she later happened upon a clearing in the wood. Massive stones were erected in the sunlight there, with swirling, twirling patterns enghraved upon them. they sparked luminescently and beckoned her forth with a buttery glow. as she approached them a small squirrel quarreled into sight with a robust pheasant, and the tumbled through the vibrant flower and foliage. children could be heard laughing as though from the stones, and upon touching the warm grey rocks, the world darkened slightly and sillouhettes of people and children burst into light, all a misty blue. She moved forward to touch one, but as her fingers left the rock they abruptly vanished and the sunlight returned. Bewildered and dissapointed, she touched the rock again, but alas, nothing happened. And so she left the rocks, and returned to the village, where her mother searched, calling her name.

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ProudAardvark responds:

Thanks so much for the colorful review, I really enjoyed taking another listen through with your vivid description in front of me.